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Paint Brushes

"Whether it's to learn a new skill, refine old ones, or you think it would be fun just to kick back with friends or family and try something new.  How unique!”  (Theresa)

"Why paint at an indoor studio while there are many beautiful outdoor venues in Asheville?” (Alex)

Asheville is well-known for it's fabulous art scene and numerous talented artists.  Rest assured, Asheville Plein Air has the most talented and gifted artists to provide you with the ultimate outdoor art experience.

Painting Easels

Our artists will expertly guide you in a creative experience that provides you with a pleasurable and memorable art escape 

We provide everything you need to create your own “special" piece of art, one that you can proudly take home. What a story to share about your trip to Asheville! 

Who would enjoy the Plein Air Experience?


  • Visitors, Weekenders, Locals ~ anyone who would enjoy a unique excursion 

  • Romantic Holidays ~ what a great couples excursion  

  • Bachelorette Parties ~ a perfect way to relax and have some quality personal time as a group

  • Pre-wedding fun ~ treat your family, friends or bridal party to an natural setting art event that immerses them in beauty of Asheville

  • Any type of artist ~ a great way to experience an alternative art form to further your personal study with an artist in a new location

  • Family reunions ~ think how much fun it would be to share this event with your family and enjoy a memorable experience

  • Corporate retreats ~  a perfect way to bring your team together or do something unique and special for your team

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