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Artist Profiles...


The artists can offer suggestions for those who would like a customized private workshops at a unique location, call us for details!


Terrilyn Dubreuil

Terrilynn Dubreuil.jpg

French and Spanish 

Travel and art share a life-enriching and creative partnership in the artist’s life.  She has a passion for exploring new places thorough-out the world and creating original art with a focus on painting, bu also watercolor, oil, photography, and other media.  Joy of life, creative expression, and spiritual sensitivity are the characteristics of the artwork.  Color, light, and texture convey a balance between Impressionism and realism.  A subject, or experience, speaks to the artist and she aims to allow a spiritual interoperation to flow, not from her, but through her.

Beyond a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree she has studied in wide-range situations to expand personal knowledge and creative resources. She has taught various media and techniques of art to people of all ages for thirty years. In teaching, she says that often learns more of herself than she shares with her students.  Keeping a hand in many types of media helps her instruct students in their personal areas of interest as it expands her  own. 

The artist is an associate juried member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA), Signature member of Pastel Society of Maine, she exhibits and sells artwork in diverse venues, has received recognition at many juried International Pastel Shows, and has received various awards. 

Sue Dolamore 

dolamore- portrait thumbnail.jpg
2010 - present
2010 - present

Sue Dolamore picked up a paintbrush she her youngest daughter finished high school in 2014 and has been painting regularly ever since.  She began plein air painting weekly with a small group of local artists and eventually played a role in building a community of plein air painters which grew from a  dozen to nearly 400!  Under Sue’s leadership, the group painted scenes on the Asheville area weekly for over 5 years.  Through the regular interaction with many accomplished artists in this organization, Sue’s skills improved rapidly and it was not long before people were asking to buy her pieces.  Sue has also taken workshops with several plein air painters and further increased her proficiency.  Since opening a studio in the River Arts district in the summer of 2019, Sue focuses increasingly on her painting both in the studio and plein air.  She no longer directs the local group but continues to paint with them when it suits her.  This change allows her more time to practice and teach.  She now has a growing number of fans, students and collectors enjoying her work.  Her studio is located in the Warehouse studios at 170 Lyman St. Suite #3. 

Artist Statement: One component that is constant in my art is experimentation.  Whether changing genre, technique or process, pushing the edges is extremely important to me. Every painting is a moment freshly captured. 

Shirley Bavonese

shirley 2021.png

My younger self created representational artwork with a focus on portraits using pastels and colored pencils.  My excitement now comes from losing the detail and painting broadly using acrylics to capture the dancing of light that quickly changes and shifts in landscapes.  Forming habits of chasing early and setting light reflecting clouds, grasses, or water.  Exhilaration also comes from intense color both those reflecting in the environment and those created.  Color equals vibration and has my full attention while I paint.  It is important to express a sense of place and feeling in my work. Striving to inspire one to stop and freeze the thrill of the moment of what I see and feel.  It is my goal to move to a more Impressionistic flavor and pushing even further to Abstract while holding onto the feelings and reflective moment.

Daniella DiBella 


It started with wanting to live in Africa as a child and paint pictures of animals while living in the trees. She never painted in Africa or lived in trees but studied art at Pratt Institute and the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Daniella teaches different levels of landscape painting, including murals, faux design and continually works with oils, acrylics and other creative mediums. Global travel is  a great inspiration for her, she focuses on photography/nature and applying it to her paintings, which is documenting her life's journey.  She relies on color and light as a major element in projecting the emotional content of her work with an impressionist flare. For many years she studied realism and realized it was time to break out of the box and let her venture into new ideas. Daniella is the founder of the Plein Air Experience. 

Casey Girard


Casey G is an illustrator, naturalist, and educator.  Their work and personal life reflect their twin passions of art and science, and between balancing work and motherhood, they travel to preserved nature spaces from community science, education and inspiration. 

Their art is based on, and inspired by, and representational of blog and nature.  These pieces celebrate the diversity of our Earth’s flora and fauna.  This work includes birds painted on pressed leaves and art prints fo local birds. When not creating art they spend time education others through volunteer bird walks. Recently, they have drawing a series of Black Birders, Latino Conservationists, and other under-represented Naturalists to promote they outstanding environmental conservation work. 


Karen Keil Brown 


Karen Keil Brown  Ethereal Painter

“Land and City Escapes”


     Karen Keil Brown, discovers a delicate balance between earth and sky, realism and abstraction: capturing  tranquility scenes of nature .  Brown also creates  city landscape, with grids, squares and organic lines to create a new series of paintings.  It reveals a whimsical,  transcendent dance between color, shapes and light.

  “Painting is my way of connecting with the land. There is a spiritual significance in nature’s forms, as I try to interpret that feeling onto my canvas.After my husband and I raised our 3 lovely artistic daughters, and teaching art for 10 years in a private school, I decided it was time for me to paint full time. I currently have a  studio is at Pink Dog Creative Studio, In the River Arts District, 

348 Depot St. “

  Born in New Jersey and raised in Asheville, Karen received her BA degree in Fine Art from the UNC- Asheville. She is an active artist in the RAD, supports the local chapter of Arts for Life,, an advisory  board member of the Asheville Area Arts Council, a UNC- A  Board of Trustee, , a passionate outdoors woman and nature photographer. Karen has worked as a professional artist for over 30 years. with her artwork in numerous private and corporate collections nationwide.  She offers indoor workshops upon request. 

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